I was born at SOWETO (NALEDI) in 1986. Music has always been a part of me ever since I was born, as a child I loved going out with my sisters to hip hop clubs in town like Lee club & I started developing passion for music at the age of nine. The artists that give me inspiration is Snoop dog. The name of the album is what my name is. I started performing at school events, COCA COLA show in 2001 in Naledi Hall, Hip hop sessions like Kasi mental, 1808, Grave side etc.

Then in 2002 I started working with different local and major studios, and artists like Face, Fazz, Nhlanhla, G.l.g, Lerato, a.k.a, Big B, etc.

I worked with Producers like Face, Squire. , Philip, and Bosky, Small & a compilation (Public Appearance) in M.P.E features very talented upcoming artists.

I also got my own company that do Graphic designs and clothing. I call it School of Thought. I got some unique designs that would be released soon.

Now my album is complete and it is due out next year it is called School of thought (S.O.T) I have tracks like Ojaeve is about a men going to parties without money & a track like Babalehang I talk about my niggers. The album have 13 tracks & 2 skits, I mostly use South Sotho in my music. It is produced by Face Multi Plat Entertainment and published by Vizeeble Entertainment.