Our history

Zwe and Vringo came with the name of the crew back in 2005 august, that’s when things started happening. Dj Macmania came in on 2006, DJ Kwanele came in on 2007. We believe on collecting every equipment we can afford to buy. Zwe is now running a small studio in his bedroom while Dj Kwanele is teaching upcoming deejays how to play. Zwe has been playing as guest in most of hot pubs in Soweto while Dj Kwanele was a resident deejay at White City Restaurant & Pub, and at Cappelos in Jabulani Mall and won 2015 Red Square Dj Knockout Challenge. Dj Macmania was in charge on Saturday and Sunday sessions at Vutas Meat Bar in Zondi (Soweto) and Gradas Place in Zuurberkom.

Our values

The people that still want to make it on the industry have a lot to offer we open hands to offer our help in any way we can afford to help or work with them.

Our mission

To produce finest competitive deejays in the country, to make a remarkable music in the music industry.

Our equipment

The sound can cater for 2 events in one day.
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